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Throughout our Analysis tools ELSA and SELMA, we provide companies with great data of team member's talents, skills, strength and role potentias that will be helpful to understand themselves better and benchmark their strenghts with other team member to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to provide the most valuable personal data and group insights to design better future careers and achievements. Furthermore, we want this system to reach out help as many people as possible to FIND THE BEST IN YOU.

elsa system

ELSA stands for EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS ASSESSMENT that will provide you about

career mapping system
Career Mapping

Providing career preferences and option available between professions

team building system
Team Building

Benchmark team members interests, strength, weaknesses, initiatives and collaborations

job and role mapping system
Job and Role Mapping

Map all the preferences and potentials based on 4 role categories : Relational, Operational, Lead – Idea and Essentials

personality system
Personality & Character

Providing career preferences and option available between professions

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school college system
ELSA For School and College

Use ELSA to match students skills and potentials to companies needs

certificate pro system
ELSA for Certified Professionals

Use ELSA as added value to optimize your training and consultancy business

employee system
ELSA for Enterprises

Use ELSA as an integrated team building tools to collaborate even better to achieve future goals

social movements system
ELSA for Social Movements

Use ELSA as motivation tools to discover their talents and design their futures

selma system

SELMA stands for SELECTION MANAGEMENT that will assist your company for a better selection process that will provide your recruiter with:

  1. Automized recruitment process
  2. Candidates Skills and Potentials mapping
  3. Match Candidates recommendation
  4. Easy step for screening to interview and onboarding process
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